Committed to success

Our team is actively involved in all investment and asset management activities, and embraces a collaborative culture that mentors our joint venture partners to evolve into institutional-caliber firms.

We believe that staying close to the real estate and maintaining discretion over major decisions, while actively nurturing relationships with our operating partners, is the most effective way to optimize investment management decisions, positively impact performance and mitigate asset-level risk.

Thus, we structure our joint ventures to allow for close collaboration with our partners, helping them evolve in all areas of institutional investment management, including corporate governance, investor reporting and communications. Helping organizations make the culture shift to become more institutional focused — in a sensitive, mindful way, designed to enhanced their growth — is an area in which Belay excels.

Belay’s Managing Principals benefit from, on average, 27 years of dedication to the real estate industry and share a conviction that actively mentoring operating partners through their growth and evolution as fiduciaries serves to strengthen their respective platforms which in turn, translates to better anticipated investment performance. Thus, Belay has established a mentoring program that is integral to the hands-on asset management process. Relationship building and mentoring of our operating partners require the close attention of Belay’s most senior professionals. It draws upon the firm’s keen understanding of the objectives of institutional investors as well as experience in all facets of real estate investing, business development, and operations.