In rock climbing, a belay line is used to support climbers in their pursuit of a great ascent. Belaying requires collaboration, continuous communication and an ability to identify and mitigate risks, adjusting strategy as appropriate to succeed. These are all principles that form the bedrock of our firm.


Belay Investment Group, LLC (Belay), formerly AVP Advisors, LLC (AVP), is a real estate investment management firm that for more than 10 years has pursued value-added real estate strategies designed to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns to institutional investors.

Belay implements its investment strategies through long term partnerships established with high caliber, local operating partners and sector specialists. The firm has earned a reputation in the industry for supporting the growth and development of operators and emerging managers (including MWBE firms), beyond simply providing investment capital.

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Current Strategy

Current investment strategy is focused on select target markets and property sectors that are poised to benefit from key long term demographic and economic trends, which, when coupled with the unique relationships, micro-market knowledge and execution capabilities of local operators as partners, leads to compelling investment opportunities.

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Belay is a majority women-owned business enterprise (MWBE), wholly owned and actively managed by its four Managing Principals which make up the senior management team. The team’s broad and complementary experience as real estate investors, advisors, and operators/developers uniquely positions Belay for successful execution of investment strategies with respect to:

  • Identifying the most compelling target markets and respective property sector strategies;
  • Sourcing, vetting and fully underwriting Operating Partners from a corporate perspective (assessing platform risk) and a real estate performance perspective; and
  • Mentoring the Fund’s Operating Partners through the adoption and implementation of institutional best practices, across all aspects of the investment and management process.

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