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Driving value creation with differentiated opportunities

Belay Investment Group is a real estate investment management firm that provides scalable access to differentiated “under the radar” opportunities through customized structures focused on value creation for our clients.



Belay is focused on performance. We look for investments in supply constrained markets with durable demand drivers and opportunities to capitalize on market inefficiencies that are often best identified by locally entrenched operators. We source these high-quality local operators and create long-term relationships with strong alignment and economic efficiencies.


Solid track record

Belay has invested institutional equity in over 130+ transactions across major asset types. Our senior management team members have an average of 24 years of experience investing and managing more than $51 billion of real estate investments, collectively.


Guided by strong values

Belay is strengthened by core values that guide us every day. Our culture is predicated on the highest standards of fiduciary care, supporting the advancement of DEI initiatives in our industry and incorporating ESG into our investment themes when possible. We believe that these core values positively affect the performance of real estate investments in numerous ways.

Learn more about our commitments to DEI and ESG, and our Fiduciary Mindset.


Creating positive change

We are proud of the impact Belay has achieved for the communities in which we invest. Our focus on local real estate, including properties in underserved communities, has led to economic benefits that enhance the quality of life for the end users of the real estate and the communities in which they operate.