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Forging strategic operator relationships

Belay accesses local and differentiated investments on scale by establishing strategic partnerships with a curated network of up-and-coming real estate operators and sector specialists that are deeply entrenched in their local markets.

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local insight

Belay partners with operators that have a keen understanding of the impact that changing real estate demand drivers have on their submarkets and properties. This insight helps uncover intrinsic value, appropriately price risk, and execute value enhancement strategies.

We identify best-in-class operators based on their strengths and experience, forming long-term programmatic relationships to access the targeted strategy.

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One size
does not fit all

We believe in custom-tailored solutions. Belay is flexible and entrepreneurial, tailoring investment structures to meet the objectives of both our clients and operating partners. This includes structures such as programmatic joint ventures (“PJV’s”), joint ventures (“JV’s”), co-GP investments, and operating company investments. In all cases, we seek to create mutually beneficial structures that foster long-term partnerships.

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Belay takes an active role in investment execution and oversight. We roll up our sleeves and provide effective, day-to-day involvement and governance to optimize performance. We overlay a fiduciary mindset and institutional practices coupled with our own operator experiences to create solutions that we believe benefit both our operating partners and our clients.

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Well-established processes and procedures

We rely on our detailed operator due diligence, thorough real estate analysis and active asset management to identify and execute on our investment strategies. These processes and procedures have been refined during our decades of investment experience.