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Arixa Capital and Belay Investment Group Form Programmatic Joint Venture to Lend on Multifamily and Homebuilding Projects

June 10, 2021

Arixa Holdings, LLC, an affiliate of Arixa Capital, (“Arixa”) and Belay Investment Group, LLC (“Belay”) have formed a programmatic joint venture to originate bridge, renovation and construction loans on small balance multifamily and homebuilding projects.  The venture will enable Arixa to broaden the scope and scale of its origination platform across major Western U.S. real estate markets, while at the same time, providing Belay with durable cash flow generated from real estate debt investments.  The venture will focus on $1-$10M loans to local real estate investors and developers who are improving and expanding the supply of residential real estate in their respective markets.

“Our programmatic joint venture with Belay fits with Arixa’s long-term goal of building a stable base of capital that includes both institutional investors as well as our existing base of high-net-worth individual investors,” said Jan Brzeski, Managing Director & Chief Investment Officer of Arixa. “We are thrilled to build a relationship with a real estate lending platform such as Arixa, whose experience, depth of focus, and robust borrower pipeline has allowed them to continue to navigate the lending markets and grow their platform even throughout the pandemic,” said Eliza Bailey, Belay’s Managing Principal in charge of Investment and Asset Management activity.

Arixa and Belay have identified the housing affordability gap in Los Angeles and other Western markets as a primary focus of their newly formed programmatic joint venture.  By mandating that a majority of its investments target properties meeting pre-determined attainability guidelines relative to area median home prices and rental rates, the venture will actively work towards mitigating worsening affordability issues in urban infill communities by bolstering the supply of both attainable single-family for-sale product, as well as attainable multifamily rental units.

For questions relating to financing opportunities, please reach out to Seth Davis, Managing Director at sdavis@arixacapital.com.

Arixa Capital
Arixa Capital is one of the West Coast’s premier private real estate lenders and fund managers providing small balance loan solutions to lower middle-market residential and commercial investors and developers. Since inception, Arixa has originated more than $1.8 billion in loans and generated attractive risk-adjusted returns for its partners and investors. Visit arixacapital.com for more information, or contact info@arixacapital.com.

Neither Arixa Holdings, LLC, nor Arixa Capital has received or provided any cash or any non-cash compensation in exchange for the statements made in this press release. As a result of Belay’s investment into their programmatic joint venture, both Arixa Holdings, LLC, and Arixa Capital, and their respective personnel, have an incentive to make positive statements about Belay and their programmatic joint venture.

About Belay Investment Group, LLC

Belay Investment Group, LLC is an institutional investment management firm that specializes in granular small to middle market real estate opportunities through the establishment of programmatic partnerships with high-caliber local and specialized operating partners. The firm pursues equity and debt opportunities across the risk spectrum, property types, and geographies, offering its clients scalability and customization. Visit www.belayinvestmentgroup.com for more information.