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Strong fiduciary culture

Belay has a collaborative culture with a fiduciary mindset and conviction that when our operating partners do well, our clients benefit through the strong performance of our partnerships.


Active accountability

To ensure success, the Belay investment team subscribes to a cradle-to-grave approach. We are always actively involved with our operating partners, retaining investment discretion and collaborating on asset management to ensure successful execution of value-added business plans for every asset acquired.


Careful selection

Belay’s team applies the highest standards to the selection of operating partners. Our operators have talented investment teams with extensive experience and compelling track records, but often have more limited experience partnering with and/or investing on behalf of institutional capital. Belay’s team has the requisite experience to work with operating partners to help them grow as institutional partners and fiduciaries.

Belay works with numerous operators to create a diversified and differentiated portfolio providing access to small and middle market transactions on scale.

“To be a good fiduciary we must always be in service to our clients. At Belay, we serve as an extension of our clients’ staff working shoulder-to-shoulder with them to pursue their investment objectives.”