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Valuing diversity is at Belay’s core

DEI at Belay includes everything from diverse team members being represented across all ranks and departments, to the selection of our operating partners, to our team’s diverse real estate backgrounds; Belay has helped prove that diversity is important in meeting our investment objectives.

We place merit as the first priority and seek to identify experienced team members and operating partners from various backgrounds, ethnicities and lifestyles in order to expand our collective consciousness.


It’s how we do business

Belay has always and will continue to organically seek diversity throughout our organization. Belay recognizes that diversity helps ensure that all perspectives are considered when acquiring, repositioning or developing assets. Belay’s Leadership and our Core Values Task Force are responsible for advancing our core values, including DEI, to ensure we remain focused on diversity and the positive impacts it has on decision-making and results.


Diverse partnerships

Locally entrenched firms in our network typically reflect the cultural diversity of their markets and frequently include operators that are owned and/or managed by people from diverse backgrounds. In our experience, operators with diverse decision-makers are often the firms that have the relationships, cultural ties and understanding of micro-market trends to most effectively execute targeted strategies.


A comprehensive approach

Belay is committed to do more to help push forward the DEI Initiative across our industry through both our internal team hiring and management, and our operating partner relationships. 

We commit to the following:

Sharing our practiced and refined ideas for recruiting, retaining, and training all members of the team

Educating, networking, and giving real-world work experience to the next generation of real estate professionals

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